It doesn’t have to be impossible to be sustainable


why we exist

American family farmers and ranchers have long been stewards of the land from which they produce our food.  But as our collective impact on the climate has grown, farmers are now being called upon to help in the stewardship of our atmosphere as well.  We formed Blue Ocean Barns to support farmers in this calling.  

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coming soon: dairy and beef for a cooler earth

A simple solution to a wickedly hard problem.  Finally.

Cows emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas, when they digest grasses and other feeds. The process is totally natural, but one year’s worth of burps from a productive dairy cow equals the annual tailpipe emissions from one car. With 1.5 billion cattle in the world, the climate-warming gases really add up. 

Fortunately, there exists a simple solution that requires no capital investment and easily incorporates into existing farm processes. A simple addition to the cow’s diet dramatically reduces or even eliminates burped methane emissions.


leaving a legacy for the next generation

More than a business

Our founders come from farming backgrounds.  We know the struggle. But we also know the value that farmers and ranchers provide as they weave the fabric of rural economies and produce delicious, real food that is both nourishing and joyful to eat.  

We’re building a company to help sustain these values in a way that enables both farmers and eaters to feel good about the legacy we’re leaving for our kids. At the end of the day, this is what Blue Ocean Barns is all about.